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Remote Reboot and Power Control

DLI is the leading U.S. manufacturer of smart power switches.  Over 300,000 of our products are in use today.  
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DIN Relay IV

Internal web server, AutoPing reboot, eight SPDT relays, clock calendar, LCD, keypad, WiFi and Wired Ethernet. Alexa aware. Runs out-of-the box, or program it for custom applications.

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Open Source PLC with WiFi

A powerful controller that does exactly what you want.
Runs Arduino or GNU. Reliable and durable.
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Redundant Datacenter Power Switch - $295!

Secure remote access for mission-critical equipment. 
Reliable automatic reboot. Very secure.
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80-240V Universal Smart PDU - From $169!

Uses C13/C14 connectors, operates on any input voltage. 
Highly power efficient.
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DC Telecom Power Switch - From $395!

Rugged dual-bus 8-channel 12-72 VDC switching. 100 amps.
Ideal for telecom.
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Smart Failover Switch

Adds redundant power to single-cord devices.  Improves reliability.  Eliminates UPS and brown-out problems.
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Serial Data Switch - From $99!

20 port serial switch eliminates multi-port serial cards, saves cabling and reduces expense.
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Web Power Switch

#1 best selling web power switch.  Reliable, very cost-effective web control for home and commercial use. Includes AutoPing, clock-calendar, scheduling.  Fully programmable, yet easy-to-use.
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Built to 0rder - USB Fabric Switches - From $195!

Power up to 20 USB devices simultaneously. Switch devices under program control. OEMs only.
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